Inaugural Meeting November 2017

Total Raised $44,100.00

includes matching funds from
The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
1st Quarter Meeting 2018
2nd Quarter 2018


3rd Quarterly Meeting, 2018


Receipts of Member Contributions

Testimonial " Last Week I had the privilege of taking a teenager in foster care to pick up his practice drum kit and receive his first of five lessons. Through your generosity, he smiled and showed enthusiasm for something other than video games, for the first time since I've known him. He was so moved and grateful that he  could not even talk! We set them up in  his house, he hugged me before I left and started practicing immediately what the instructor had taught him. Your gift is making a difference in the life of a vulnerable young man who may never be able to thank you directly; just know that your gracious gesture is noticed and appreciated. Thank you again!" Jackie Sanders, Guardian ad Litem


Provision Packs


4th Quarterly Meeting 2018