The Process is described below and it is really simple. Women, men, groups that pool their resources and or organizations are invited to: commit, nominate, vote, write a check and make a difference in the community. The bonus is that you will meet new friends and learn about local nonprofits. It is a powerful process, the meeting is informative and only last one-hour! 

An individual, organization or group signs a commitment to contribute $100.00 to the charity selected at the quarterly meetings. Pledged Members have the opportunity to nominate a 501(c)(3) and if selected present on their behalf and vote for the quarterly recipient.
If you can't make a meeting you have two choices: 
*Choose another member to be your proxy. They will receive a ballot to vote for you. Give your proxy a check to complete at the meeting.
*Or simply write your check when you receive a follow up e-mail from the treasurer  informing you which charity was selected.

Not yet ready to make a commitment Or you want to make a one-time contribution:
You are welcomed to attend any meeting, just observe and or make a one-time contribution to the selected 501(c)(3).

Nominate and Vote

Pledged members have the opportunity to nominate a 501(c) (3) charity and place their selection in the ballot box. Three ballots are selected at random.

The pledged member who nominated the charity will be given ten minutes to tell about their charity and answer questions from the members.

After all three presentations are done the members VOTE.

The votes are tallied and the charity with the most votes Wins!

Take Action


Members write their checks to the selected charity. The checks are collected, and subsequently presented to the charity on behalf of the group.

The charity signs a document agreeing not to solicit the members of the group in any way and further agrees to send you a receipt for your gift.

The recipient is invited to the next quarterly meeting to make a brief presentation on the impact of our gift.


How it Works

Make a Commitment